Creating art with doilies

Nov 14, 2009

With old-time crafts like embroidery and crocheting becoming all the rage right now, I'm not surprised to see doilies making an entrance into the art world.  Grandma would be proud.

Lisa Solomon, Dream of Home, 10" round, gocco, charcoal, embroidery on paper doily, 2009. 

I really dig the contrasting elements of masculine machinery vs. feminine fragility in Kiely's On the Road doily series. Here's one of her pieces from the collection.

Colleen Kiely, On the Road (Rear View #166), 12" round, graphite on paper doiley, 2007.

   Shuxin Liang, Doily Bird, 6.5" round, pencil, watercolor, collage, and sewing on paper doily, 2009.

UK-based Mhari McMullan has made quite a bit of doily art the past couple of years.  Below are a few examples.

Check out more of her doily projects here.


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