Like a relationship, creating art takes commitment

Nov 13, 2009

Creating a new art piece is like starting a new relationship.  At first, it's really exciting, and the outlook is positive.  Then, the conflict begins- the artist starts questioning elements of the work and wants to chuck the whole thing.  But once an artist powers through this difficult stage of the creative process and commits to the end, it leads to rewarding results.

Such was the case with my latest work, "girl in puddle on stormy day."  A couple of times while working on it, I was tempted to just paint over the entire thing.  But, I decided to stick with my instincts and keep going.  The turning point for me was the addition of the patterned cloud formation in the background; it resolved the issues I had with the composition.

No matter how large or small the art project, it's amazing how each creative experience is a unique journey of inspiration, self-direction, and accomplishment.  I'm glad I was able to work through some obstacles with my new little piece- now if only I can finish the large canvas painting I started three years ago!


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