New gadgets in sidebar

Nov 15, 2009

Just wanted to let readers know that there are a few new things in the sidebar- 

1. FOLLOWERS. Would love to know who's reading the blog- I guess that'd be you! 

2.  SEARCH.  Convenient tool to search content in past posts.

3.  BOOKS I LIKE.   One book down and many more to go.  Books I've reviewed can be found under the label "art books." To purchase, click on the book icon in the sidebar.

I also want to remind readers that subscribing to a blog via email is a great way to read the latest posts.  If you sign up in the sidebar, you'll receive my daily posts in the morning through email.  How handy is that!

Thanks to all for reading and for the great comments!

(Psst- another art giveaway is coming soon!)


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