Weekly:52, one art work every week for the next year

Nov 2, 2009

The other day I received an email from Ben Hull about a new project he's working on.  (Ben is a talented artist/builder who made the amazing wood fixtures that suspended from 16 ft ceilings in our shop.)  For the next year, he's committed to making an art work each week and posting the completed pieces on his blog Weekly:52

Ben is a three-dimensional artist that likes to work with scrap and found items, particulary relating to wood and steel.  Some of my favorite works of his include old growth tree segments.  For the Weekly:52 project, Ben is incorporating reclaimed wood frames in his art, creating a dynamic interplay between 2-D and 3-D elements. 

At the end of the year long venture, Ben will showcase all 52 works in one place.  I look forward to seeing the rest of the collection!

photos: www.connellhullcompany.blogspot.com


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