Beautiful glass art made in Portland

Dec 19, 2009

Glass blowing is something that I've always wanted to learn how to do.  The thing is, I don't like to sweat and and my upper arm muscles are pretty weak.  So, I stick to quilting. 

I've seen internationally celebrated glass blowers Justin Parker and Andi Kovel of Esque at work in their Portland studio, and it's so fascinating.  A glass orb is carried out of the firery furnace and immediately sculpted into a skull, a vase, or a light fixture.

One of my favorite pieces is the Sleeping Bird light fixture designed by Andi. 

Here's another bird rendition called Awake that benefits breast cancer research.

Esque has also worked on quite a few installations in town, including this one at Le Hana restaurant.

The glass clusters are cherry blossoms, and I think they're absolutely beautiful.

I've always loved their terrariums, too. . . if only.


Fridman said...

Wow, the bird (Awake) looks like a very good one. The color and the structure looks amazing.

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