Three new art pieces this week

Dec 18, 2009

I've been experimenting a lot with watercolors lately.  I've had this watercolor set from Korea that my brother bought as a gift for me a few years back.  It's kinda cool to use art materials that are in a different language.  Although I can sound out most of the Korean alphabet, I can't read it at all.  So I stare at these little tubes, hoping that it doesn't say something like "Warning: high toxicity.  Use with caution."

I like how the little tubes of paint are neatly packaged in a box.  It makes me feel like I'm organized when I use them, and I can always use organization in my life.  I've noticed that when I use watercolors, my work seems more precise and controlled.  Whereas, with oils, I tend to be more spontaneous with my paint strokes.

Here are a couple of new pieces from this week that were done primarily in watercolor.

When I was a girl

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The third piece I completed this week is titled "Rain."  It's been raining nonstop in Portland for the last few days, so I guess it's been on my mind.

Most of my art is unplanned.  I sit down at my desk, stare at a blank piece of paper or panel, and then start drawing.  There is a lot of gratification in completing a project (even a small one), so I like to create finished pieces.  I should spend more time sketching and doodling, but I like seeing where my creative energy in a moment takes me. 


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