My new mixed media work, plus my photos on Flickr

Jan 15, 2010

Tell me again how much you love me is the new work for the week.  I'm not a touchy-feely person, so it surprises me that I've been using hearts in my art lately.  For a couple of weeks, the piece was just the drab taupe color and the yellow heart.  I felt like it was missing something.  I woke up one morning and knew what it was- its dynamic counterpart.  So I painted the colorful, energetic little shapes on the side.

The piece is representative of relationships, particularly those of opposite attraction.  When two people work together to meet in the middle, it's a beautiful thing.  The title of the work is a message and reminder of how often we need to tell loved ones of their beauty and uniqueness. 

On another note, I just opened up a Flickr account.  I realized I needed to showcase all my creative works in one place, that is, paintings, drawings, and photography alike.  Most of the pictures I've uploaded into Flickr are from the last few months.  I've created seven different sets to browse, including portrait photography, fashion photography, and all my mixed media pieces. You can also see current uploaded photos in the sidebar to the right.


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