Three new drawings on 100% recycled paper

Jan 29, 2010

A blank sheet of paper can be the most intimidating start for an artist.  Sometimes I find it easier to draw on tinted paper, especially when I'm using ink.  I like how I can apply white ink right onto the paper and not have to lay down a base color first.

A couple of months ago I picked up a new drawing pad that I'm really excited about.  It's Bogus Recycled Rough Sketch made by Bee Paper, a local company.  I love that it's 100% recycled post consumer waste and chemical free.  It has the look and feel of craft paper but weightier.  The surface of the paper is ideal for conte crayons, but I've really enjoyed experimenting with pen and ink on the brown paper. 

This week I completed three new drawings.  I like how the recycled paper enhances the stylistic look of the drawings.  I am inspired by the arts of many different regions and cultures, and the undyed paper seems to give the drawings a more indigenous quality.  Below are the latest drawings.  Native Land (the second photo) is currently available in my etsy shop.  (The other two pieces sold yesterday- yeah!)


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