Water towers and the urban landscape

Jan 30, 2010

Michele Maule, Water Towers, oil

Old green water towers are classic features of the Portland landscape.  We actually live just two blocks away from one and can see from our home another water tower less than a mile away.  So, I guess you can say that I like water towers because they remind me of home. 

I recently found these amazing oil paintings of water towers from Portland artist Michele Maule.  I love how the water towers are painted in dark, neutral tones and with painterly strokes. It's industrial, but not too linear.   The softened edges in the works, plus the muted colors in the background, also add a dream-like quality.  What beautiful art! 

Michele Maule, Glisan Street Water Tower

Michele Maule, Chown Water Tower

Here is some more great art that I found featuring water towers. 

Renee Press, a crow caws in brooklyn, watercolor.

Crystal Powell, digital art, 2006.

Victoria PlummerWater Tower, linocut print.

View from our home of one of the water towers nearby.  It was a glorious spring sunset.


Kate - Art Hound said...

Love this theme! I especially like the watercolor. I swear it's not just because it's in Brooklyn. ; )

Cathy said...

Michele's "Water Towers" is also a NY scape, I love it because it reminds me of Portland, too.

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