New work: more patterns and landscapes

Feb 5, 2010

This ink and marker drawing was inspired by Oregon's beautiful landscape- the waters, the mountains, and the ever-changing skies. Oregon has always been my home, so I decided to keep the art work for now (see how I framed it in yesterday's post).   

I finished another drawing this week called Desert Sky.  I've really enjoyed playing around with patterns and landscapes.  I'm currently working on the drawing shown below. It's been slow going for sure.  It's a little bigger than the others, so the detail work has taken a lot longer.  I was planning on adding some stars at the top.  I'm undecided about adding a sun in the lower half of the picture.  Any feedback?

I'm also still working on birch panels.  Here's a little media media work using a picture I took at the Oregon coast.  It makes me happy, so I'm calling it Happy Rain.


moodymama said...

Love them all, but the top one is my fave. You are so talented. And I am learning so much about art- thanks!

karen said...

I really love this series! Très joli!

Cathy said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments.

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