A kindred spirit

Feb 6, 2010

Artists naturally gravitate towards art that is similar to their own.  Case in point, when I found Belinda Kemp's art on Etsy,  I became an instant fan.  There's a familiarity when browsing her works.  Although Belinda has a style that is recognizably her own, I definitley "get" her work.  I especially love her abstract landscape designs.

full moon with yellow birds

round 5am

3 blue trees

early morning garden

I love it when artists post pictures of their work space.  Here's a snapshot of Belinda's art desk.  

You can find more photos of her work area on her Flickr page


gretchenmist said...

hi Cathy, thanks so much for this post and your lovely feedback.
i'm really enjoying your blog and work.

happy weekend :)

Cathy said...

Belinda, thanks for the hello and the kind words.

Maral said...

Muy interesante tu trabajo,me gusta.Felicidades.Cuando puedas, visita mí blog:maralcaricaturas.blogspot.com o la docenagrafica.blogspot.com

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