Creating a pocketbook gallery

Mar 6, 2010

My friend gave me a little Moleskine notebook with a house stamped on front.  As far as notebooks go, it is pretty darn adorable.  A few days ago, I had this idea to fill the pages with clippings of my sketches and then give the mini book back to my friend.  In a sense, the notebook is like a portable art collection of my works, thus the name, pocketbook gallery. 

I wanted the notebook to still be usable, so I left some space on the pages for short notes or doodles.  I figured if my friend had to write her contact information on a piece of paper, it might as well be a piece of art that someone would want to hang onto for a little while. 

I had fun putting together this pocketbook gallery, and I look forward to working on another one in the near future.  Maybe as the prize for the next giveaway perhaps?


Katie said...

Great idea. Wish I were the friend that gave you the notebook. (;

honeyhuckabee said...

darling! would you want to sell one?

Cathy said...

I have thought about making one for the Etsy shop. I'm open to ideas.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback!

smartypantsless said...


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