How it all began

Mar 29, 2010

My mother dropped by yesterday with a box of memorabilia.  Included in the box were my class pictures from elementary school.  Here's my 2nd grade class picture; that's me in the upper right hand corner.  I remember how much I loved that vest! The back was this pink, satiny material. 

Miss Newson was my second grade teacher, and I adored her.  She had a cool silver streak in her hair, and she was always so kind to me.  I remember one day I was coloring a picture with a ship in it.  She asked me if I wanted to be part of a program for kids who wanted to learn more about art.  I enthusiastically said yes, and for the next six years I was regularly pulled out of my classroom to participate in art classes taught by specialists in the Portland area.  I took courses in weaving, still life drawing, and even clay animation. 

My artistic abilities and passions grew in those formative years.  Because of these experiences and teachers like Miss Newson, I became a public school teacher myself.  So, this picture is more than a walk down memory lane.  In a way, it represents the start of my journey as an artist.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Cathy. Adorable picture. Ms. Newson's silver streak is so cool.
Hope you and Adam have a good couple of days, celebrating each other.

We leave on Wed. to Savannah, GA. (Tybee island, more precisely). 13 hours total travel time, with 4 kids. Can you say purgatory?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! Hope your day is fabulous (just like you).

Cathy said...

Thanks for the sweet birthday messages! At this point, I can start counting backwards, right?

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