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Aug 30, 2010

I started following blogs on a regular basis when I started my own blog about a year ago. Like many readers, I either used blogger or google reader to get the latest posts.  Then I discovered feedly, which lays out all my favorite blogs in an orderly and eye-catching fashion.

To read an article, you just click on the title, and a window opens with all the images and text in the post.  All the links are still active, and commenting on a blog is as easy as clicking on the title again.  I can browse titles of new posts in less than a minute, which is quite handy for catching the latest giveaways!

Pikaland, one of my favorite art blogs, is actually running a great giveaway right now.   Up for grabs is a spot in one of their online classes! This Fall, they are offering a few different courses for artists who are wanting to hone in on their style and develop their online presence.  A winner will be chosen this Wednesday, so head over here for more information.


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