New works, "Spirit" and "Feather Lake"

Aug 28, 2010

When I start a new piece, I rarely work from a sketch.  I lay down a watercolor wash first and work in the details as I go.  This was the case with my latest piece, Spirit, which I had been working on for the past few days.  

I usually use pen, ink, and marker for detail work.  I like using ink when I am wanting an opaque look, like the chevron design.  One kind of ink I use is shellac-based, so when it dries, it's like hard candy.  If you look at the right image below, you can see that the red ink is more reflective than the other colors. 

Unfortunately, the shellac-based ink doesn't show up as well on prints. I went back and forth on uploading this piece in my Etsy shop as an original or print.  I ultimately decided to sell the work as a limited-editon print with hand painted features.  So, after I make a print, I touch up some of the colors by hand. 

Also new to my shop is an original piece called Feather Lake.  I like how it shows the different elements I normally incorporate in a composition, but in a more simplified way.  I picture this scene at a lake in the quiet hours of the morning. 


Charissa said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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