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Aug 4, 2010

My favorite pair of jeans had been stashed away for nearly a year due to an indecent tear on the backside.  Several weeks ago, I finally felt inspired to mend the tear when I came across an image on sashiko stitching.  Sashiko is a Japanese technique of mending clothing using the running stitch.  It is usually identified by cream colored stitching on indigo colored fabrics.  Sri Threads has an amazing collection of sashiko pieces here.

I absolutely love all the geometric patterns!

You can tell sashiko has been on my mind lately, as seen in my most recent art piece, sunset.  I'm also thinking that I'll use sashiko stiching in the border of my latest quilt project. But, maybe a pillow is more realistic? I do love the example below. 

[image sources: This and That From JapanTiny Happy, and Fancy Tiger]

I am currently reading The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook as a how-to guide, and The Purl Bee, as usual, has a wonderful tutorial


flyhoof said...

I've just discovered your blog via Etsy and love it! I'd never heard of sashiko before but you've inspired me to find out more. Is the top left hand photo your mended jeans? The stitching on them looks great!

I also really enjoyed your post on pojagi and have been checking out the amazing textiles on the Sri blog that you linked to.

Your artwork is beautiful too, I was admiring it on Etsy and its great to read more about it here. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog, its made my day! Kate :)

Cathy said...

Kate, I'm glad you are enjoying the blog!

Yes, those are my jeans in the left photo. I used embroidery floss and a piece of a bandanna as backing. The stitching took a little bit of time but so worth it. I really like the look of it, and it's very secure.

Thanks for your lovely comment.

Lauren said...

Really neat, I've never heard of this method before. Thanks for sharing!

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