New work, "sunset"

Aug 1, 2010

I've been trying to fit in a few hours here and there at my art desk.  It's been challenging to find uninterrupted time with the kiddos out of school.  I managed to finish this piece yesterday.  I tend to use a lot of blues and greens in my art, so the pink and purple is a nice change of scenery. 

I'm also trying to work on some note card designs, and I like how this little drawing turned out. Hopefully I'll have something to reveal by the end of this month. 


Alex Louisa said...

I like them both! Especially the trees in the first one, and the hexagons in the second.

I have a bit of a hexagon fascination of late... They are appearing in the backgrounds of the two pieces I'm working on now :)

Cathy said...

Hexagons- why are they so fascinating?

I look forward to seeing your new pieces.

Christina said...

I love these!!

Galit said...

Beautiful and intriguing.
I was looking at them for couple of long minutes now and admired the texture and subtle colors. Love your art so much!

ViKotas said...

I just came across your shop. I haven't done watercolors in years. I love the delicacy of your work and your innovative style

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