Three new works

Nov 12, 2010

Remember this box of aged note cards I found at an estate sale a couple months back?  I thought they would make perfect little envelopes for my new magnets.  Then I actually tried folding one into an envelope and discovered that the paper was just too brittle.  Bummer.

I was determined to use the note cards in some way, so I glued a few to birch panels and made these:

The index cards catalog different plant types, which I thought was fitting for my nature-themed art.  I like the fact that some of the cards are typed and others are handwritten.  Based on the classic handwriting and the yellowing of the paper, my guess is that these cards are at least 50 years old.

The top piece is called the way home.  Some of the details of the work remind me of a topographical map, and the red trees are in a path-like formation.  The second work, first snow, features similar design elements, however, the yellow shapes are not trees but floating dandelion petals.  They are mixed in with tiny white dots representing a delicate sprinkling of snow. 

I also finished a third work, which is a new print in my Etsy shop.  It's called Wonderland.

I must have been in a really happy mood when drawing this.  Rainbows, hearts, and roses- so cheery!  And I couldn't find a yellow marker that was bright enough, so I used a neon yellow highlighter!


Jo said...

Love these! What a great way to make the most of the old cards!

Lauren Simone said...

these are luscious! i love the pieces with the old cards integrated into them. they add great texture!

Cathy said...

Jo and Lauren, I'm glad that you like them! I do love the idea of using found materials in my work. I think I'll make a slightly larger piece next!

Kate Pabst said...

I'm glad it didn't work out for the envelopes because those pieces are SO beautiful!

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