You never promised me a rose garden

Nov 26, 2010

You never promised me a rose garden is my latest embroidery project.  It's still a work in progress.  I just finished the design this week and printed a test run a few days ago.  My plan is to make a limited edition of five, but a lot of this will depend on how detailed I go with the embroidery work.  I actual like how the design looks right now, so I may just embroider the title in the middle and some accent features.   

The new design is nearly twice as big as my previous embroidery works.  Since it's long in shape, I was thinking that the finished pieces would look nice as wall hangings. Once I complete the embroidery part, I'll back each work with muslin and create sleeves at the ends for dowels. 

. . . easier said than done, I realize.


Lauren Montanaro Norster said...

this is lovely! embroidery is awesome.

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