When artists join forces

Nov 29, 2010

I love it when artists mesh minds and styles on collaborative projects.  The results are always so exciting and fresh.  It's like eating an assortment of jelly beans.  The different and unpredictable blend of flavors can produce such a delightful mix.  In recent months, I've come across a number of artist collaborations.  Below are just a few of my findings.   

Tom Moglu and Julie Dru

Julie Dru and Cendrine Rovini

Kozue Schwartz and Mia Christopher

Mia Christopher and Ryan De La Hoz

Last summer, a few of my favorite Portland artists created 53(!) collaborative works for a show at the Together Gallery.  The participating artists were Jill Bliss, Yellena James, Betsy Walton, and Apak (Aaron and Ayumi Piland).  Can you point out all the different artist styles in each piece?


styleforlife said...

This is incredible post.. see you even understand it with other artists. You have such a talented eye. xx Emily

Lauren Montanaro Norster said...

wow...these pieces are so lovely...collaboration is a beautiful thing.

annekata said...

Post for thought. Very interesting works. Collaboration is such a fascinating topic. The key ingredients seem to be communication, trust and giving each other room for exploration and expression, but at the same time creating something coherent together.
A complex undertaking. I wonder how the artists above managed to juggle all of this and how the actual process looked like.
I'd so love to explore all of this right now, but will have to pack my suitcase instead. Sigh.

Cathy said...


I find artist collaborations fascinating as well, all for the same reasons you discussed. Here are a couple of links that you might be interested in. The first is an interview with Mia Christopher on collaborations. The second shows the visual progression of collaborative works in the Elemental art show.



Alex Louisa said...

I just completed my first collaboration! I think I had stage fright because I was too scared to lay paintbrush to canvas for a couple of days, but it turned out to be a really good experience. (I'll have to post the photo of the finished artwork on my blog this week!)

And I love the idea of the collaborative show that you mentioned. I'm not familiar with all of the artists, but I can definitely pick out the areas that are by Yellena James. And wow: 53! I would have loved to have seen that show in person :)

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