The bane of my week

Dec 8, 2010

I spoke too soon a week ago when I said that the mini calendar project was going smoothly.  It was as if I had jinxed the process with my progress report.  My printer ran out of ink half way through printing, the blade on the paper trimmer became dull, and my sewing machine now needs to be looked at by a repair specialist.  Awesome.

In the photo above, you can see the issues with thread tension I had to deal with.  Nothing like a few "bird  nests" and broken needles to test a sewer's patience.  I ultimately came to the conclusion that the timing was off on my machine.  Fortunately, each of my daughters have a sewing machine (craigslist finds), so I had a backup machine. 

I was determined to use topstitching thread to bind the calendars, but my persistence turned into an afternoon ordeal of rethreading, adjustments, and tinkering with machine parts.  I finally gave up on the thicker thread idea and am using a standard thread weight.

Today I'll finish printing the calendars (I bought more ink) and then trim them at my husband's work.  Fingers crossed, everything will go as planned.  

this morning

On a much more positive note, the I AM ARTIST/DESIGNER show is up and running.  Each participating artist has a profile page, which includes an interview and photos.  Check out my profile page here.


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