Artists and their creative spaces

Jan 20, 2011

Betsy Walton's art desk at home.  [image source: Poketo]

One of my favorite things about following other blogs is getting to take a peak into the lives and creative spaces of artists. The photo above was taken in the home studio of Portland artist Betsy Walton.

Against the wall is this shelf that houses Betsy's art and materials.  I've been looking for some kind of shelving unit for storing larger sheets of paper, and I have to say this is a brilliant solution (and one that seems relatively affordable).

Matte Stephens, another Portland artist, just posted this photo of his creative space on his blog.  I dig the midcentury look, and the retro glasses sitting on the sketchbook is a nice touch!  Even if I didn't know whose studio this was, I would have guessed it belonged to Matte Stephens. 

Good light is a much coveted feature in an artist studio, and it looks like Heather Smith Jones has some beautiful light to work in.  I love all the little photos and works of art just randomly placed on the white wall.  

Etsy also puts together some fantastic videos on artists, featuring their creative processes and spaces.  This one showcases artist Hollie Chastain, aka Dr. Kennedy Jones.


Vintage is for Lovers said...

Wow. We think a lot alike. I was writing about this yesterday on my blog. Seeing the creative spaces of artists is my absolute favorite part of this world. xo Samantha

Cathy said...

What a great post, Samantha! I love libraries, too :)

We Blog Artists said...

I ADORE seeing people's creative spaces too...inspiration for mine which is in the process of being made...
Do you PIN?
These are my studio wants :


Cathy said...


Can't wait to see your finished studio! I love the cork calendar idea, and I'm pretty much drooling over the wooden flat files.

. . . I think I might have to start pinning.

Esti said...

I love seeing other artists' studios. Thanks for sharing!

nesting.emily said...

I love seeing peoples' homes but their studios are so much better- so personal. I wish I had good light in mine.

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