Handpainted push pins now available

Jan 23, 2011

Here's the complete set- yeah!  I finished the last two of the six designs a few days ago.  The trickiest part of this whole project actually involved the packaging.   This afternoon, after playing around with some ideas, I decided that little jewelry boxes would best protect the pins in shipping. 

There are only five sets available (that was all I could make with the number of wood markers I had).  I might make more if I buy another batch of wood pieces, but I'm going to focus on some other projects for now. 

To see my Etsy listing, go here


Charissa said...

Too cool for school. Beautiful work as always!

HomeCollection. said...

yes, congrats for this work!

nesting.emily said...

Cathy these are so beautiful! I am planning to buy a cork board so I can justify buying a set!!

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