New one-of-a-kind items in my Etsy shop

Jan 7, 2011

My art process this week was full of ups and downs.  I'll talk about one of my bummer moments in a bit, but let's start with the positives.  I took a few pieces from my personal beach collection and decided to dress up the objects with some fun designs.  (The rock and shell were from my last trip to the Oregon coast.)

I'd like to experiment more with painting on nontraditional surfaces like rock or glass.  I especially love the idea of painting on reclaimed or found objects.  Remember the wooden whale I talked about in this post?  I finally got around to working on it this week, and here's the finished product:

All four items shown above have been added to my Etsy shop in the "Exclusives" section.  I really should call the collection "one-of-a-kinds that I create once in a blue moon," but I opted for the shorter title. 

Speaking of blue moon, this was supposed to be my newest mixed media work to reveal, but then there was a major mishap.  If you look closely, especially in the middle of the piece, you can see some of the color running.  I was experimenting with an acrylic medium as a top coat and learned the hard way that it doesn't mix well with other media.  Sigh.

I've already stripped the drawing from the birch panel and have started a new painting.  You can see the start of it in the picture below (top right).  Yes, welcome to the craziness of my art desk.  When I get into an art making frenzy, I seem to pull everything out and keep it just inches away from my work.  This lasts for a few days and then I can't take the cramped space anymore.     


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the whale!

Charissa said...

I like the driftwood! We spent some time w/ family on Puget Sound and I eyed some of the pieces of wood on the beach, but I knew our bags were going to be too overloaded to take anything else back!

Marion said...


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