New 11 x 17 limited edition print

Apr 4, 2011

You might remember this design that I had started in November.  It's also the embroidered piece that I was working on in my Etsy interview.  My initial plan was to make a handful of embroidered wall hangings, but the project idea had moved down my priority list the last few months.  Then, in recent weeks, I received some inquiries about larger prints.  I happened to have some 11 x 17 sugarcane paper in stock, so I made a test print of the new design just this morning.  I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, and to create a little more pop in color, I added a few handcolored touches. 

The run is a limited edition of 50 prints.  To read more about the new print design, see the listing here

I also finished a couple more small wood panel pieces this week. 


Rising Sun

When I was working on Rising Sun, I was thinking about Japan.  I wanted to create something simple and calm.  The title refers to the country as well as the idea that the rising of the sun brings a new day.


June rhymes with moon said...

the paintings are great but the print looks like a little bit different direction for you...? I like it!

moodymama said...

seriously. could you stop creating pieces that i want to buy? my whole house will look like a cathy shrine. jk. beautiful, beautiful.

Cathy said...

Janelle, my style does change a bit from one medium to the next. When I know I'm creating a new embroidery design, for example, I focus on repetition and a lot of graphic elements. Since the new print was initially designed as an embroidery piece, it does look a little different than the other prints. Glad that you like it!

moodymama- I like the sound of a Cathy shrine ;) Hope you and your family are doing well.

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