Almost done

Nov 17, 2011

These are the two floor designs I have been working on in the new Prana store.  In the first pic, you can see the very small paintbrush I have been using to paint the lines. 

I'll be painting during the store's grand opening party Friday night.  If you can't make it to the event, maybe you can stop by in early January for my First Thursday artist reception.  I'm Prana's featured artist for the month of January, so my latest originals will be showcased in the shop.


Erin said...

What an exciting project!
Lucky customers of the store, they can move around in the space you have drawn.

M. said...

Stunning! I would be afraid to walk on something so beautiful... I'd just tiptoe around it!!!

Brittan said...

so amazing and beautiful!
I love your designs, the lines and shapes are so simple and elaborate at the same time!!!
thanks for sharing :)

sarah jean, said...

i can't even imagine.
hope your back isn't killing you.

it's down right amazing.

Alex Louisa said...

I love everything about this installation. The two different floors surfaces, the dark wall, your designs, everything!

I also really like the First Thursday idea. I wish it was something we'd adopt here in Brisbane!

I bet you'll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when it's all done, and so you should :)

Charissa said...

Love this! The picture of you working gives me such a better idea of what it's been like. The yoga mat is a good idea - did Prana provide it or did you bring it from home?

Cathy said...

Thanks everyone! It's been a great experience, and I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

Charissa, I brought the yoga mat from home but there are definitely plenty in the store : ) The space in the top pic is their yoga studio in the back of the store. They offer FREE yoga classes, which I think is so great.

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