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Nov 13, 2011

I managed to find some time this week to finish an 8 x 10 mixed media painting called dreamscape.  When I start a new work, it's rare for me to have an idea of what the finished piece will look like.  My painting process is very organic. I apply one layer after another until all the elements seem to just fit together.  Outside of art, I tend to be a big planner, so it's very freeing to sit at my art desk and not have to plan a composition beforehand. 

One of the comments I receive the most about my art is that it's much more detailed in person than on the computer screen.  It's difficult to capture with a camera the subtle gradations of color and texture in an artwork.  In dreamscape, the background may initially look like it's one flat color.  But, at closer observation, the wavy pattern that has been scratched into the wood panel reveals underlayers of color. 

Negative space isn't usually a dominant feature in my work.  But, in this particular piece, the dark empty space between the mountain and clouds creates balance and adds an element of mystery.

dreamscape is currently available in my Etsy shop here.  

I'm helping plan an art fair and fundraiser next month at my daughter's school.  It's a two day event where Portland shoppers can purchase art and handmade gifts by local artists and makers.  My two girls will be sharing a booth with me.  I'll be selling my art, and they will be selling their beaded jewelry.  They want to buy some chickens for families in developing countries, so this is their way of raising money. 

The girls will also be selling some wearable friendship pins.  I helped them figure out how to get the beads on the other side of the safety pin so that it can fasten to clothes or bags.  I have to say that the friendship pins are pretty cute, and I feel like I'm in middle school again!

In the spirit of holiday cheer, I'm including one of these little guys with every order from my Etsy shop this month and next. 

Sketches for a floor design.

This upcoming week, I'm finishing my art installation at Prana's new Portland store.  I have three designs done and one floor design to go.  My back already feels a little contorted from standing on a ladder for hours or being hunched over on the floor.  [I can't imagine what Michelangelo felt like painting the Sistine Chapel- which took four years!]

I have really enjoyed seeing the new retail space come together, and it has brought back many memories of opening my own store.  There are days when I really miss it, and sometimes I do think about opening another art-focused shop. . .  but not anytime soon. 

I'll post photos of the new Prana store and my designs later this week.  The grand opening party is set for this Friday from 6 - 9p.   Enjoy some drinks and snacks while watching me paint on the floor.  The design will look something like the sketch on the right. 


Lauren said...

thanks for sharing your work and's always an inspiration

Emakesart said...

Hi. I just found you through a friend on Pinterest. I love your art... it draws me in. Just beautiful!


Erin said...

Beautiful... !
I wish I could see one of your work in person one day.

Cathy said...

Thanks ladies for the wonderful compliments : )

And welcome Emakesart!

Katherine said...

Hi, I've been reading (and enjoying!) your site for a year, and this beautiful painting prompted my first post. It is stunning..there is a peace and mystery to it...very elegant. Well done!

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