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Nov 6, 2011

i have been buying art supplies at art media, a local art store in downtown Portland,  
since i was a freshman in high school [that's 25 years!]
this was my bus stop

a couple of weeks ago, art media became blick art
i visited the "new" store today
pretty much the same stuff . . .  it just feels different
nostalgia is already kicking in

i do love fall in portland

 a halloween highlight: 
severed finger cookies my neighbor made

my latest ebay find:
unworn urban outfitters oxfords,
fairly made in guatamala

i have begun "tattooing" the inside of the new prana store, which opens this wednesday
you can see me at work the next few days and
at the grand opening event,  friday, november 18



henzy said...

The severed fingers look cool.

Sorry about the store shutting down.. on the plus at least the replacement store though not the same is similar.. it would have been awful to have it replaced by something you hate.. or a chain!

Nicole | Blue Bicicletta said...

It is reassuring to return to the same places over and over again. I'm always amazed how these routines become a part of my life. That is a little sad to have an indie art store taken over by a chain, but nice that it's still an art store. Beautiful tattooing in the Prana store! That is going to be so gorgeous! Wish I lived in Portland so I could walk inside when it's done.

HomeCollection. said...

super nice work
+ super nice shoes
+ super nice fall in portland
= wowowow !

La Rimule said...

Can you tell us where did you buy these "merveilleuses" shoes please ?

Cathy said...

La Rimule, the Osborn Ikat Oxford shoes are originally from Urban Outfitters, but I bought them from an ebay seller. The shoes are sold out on Urban Outfitters' online shop. Maybe you'd have some luck on ebay too!

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