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Apr 2, 2012

Painting on a vintage platter.

I tend to jump from one project to the next, which usually means I'm taking on a new material or concept every few weeks.  My latest idea- painting on tableware.  I have been wanting to paint on porcelain for awhile now, and then there was the serendipitous find of a Pebeo Porcelaine paint set on clearance for $5. 

This little bowl was my first experiment.  The paint goes on a little thinner than I was expecting, but you can get some neat effects with layering colors.  To set the paint, all you have to do is heat the item in an oven for half an hour.

My second piece was a vintage platter I found at an estate sale this past weekend (first photo).  I applied the paint much thicker for an opaque look.  Although you can feel the raised surface of the paint even after heating it in an oven, the baked paint has an enamel like finish.  I did a scratch test with my fingernail, and no peeling!

I also have an exciting collaboration I've started working on.  I will reveal more details in upcoming weeks, but I thought I would at least give you a glimpse of what's been keeping me busy lately.

spring thaw

And I'm still adding one-of-a-kind pieces to my Etsy shop on a regular basis.  Spring thaw got snatched up pretty quickly, but here's one that was uploaded just this morning:

vintage notecard art, no.4


HomeCollection. said...

i love the bowl !

lamina@do a bit said...

Pebeo is great fun to use! I have used it on some mugs which have stood the test of time, being used and washed everyday for the last 6 months with only the tiniest bit wearing off :)

Love your new paintings!

Jennifer Allison said...

ya slay me, ya do. had i the duckets and the wall space i'd scoop up a whole kaboodle of your artistic goodness. still thoroughly in love with the piece i got from you last year..but it's wanting some siblings..i can feel it. i shall watch and wait. :)

Erin said...

How exciting - your paintings on ceramic wares! I love the bowl so much. So inspiring!!

Brandi Marie said...

That bowl is amazing! Did you (or do you plan to) sell it? So dreamy.

Cathy said...

Brandi Marie, I'm glad that you like the little bowl. It was actually gifted to a friend (part of a wedding gift). Lately, I've been thinking about making my own bowls. We'll see how motivated I get :)

Pat said...

Are those Pebeo paints water-soluble? And do they require multiple coats for opacity? I found some at my local art supply and I've thought about trying them. Your platter looks awesome, btw.

Cathy said...

Pat, the paints are water-based. If you make a mistake, it's fairly easy to wipe the paint off. For an opaque look, a couple of coats is most likely needed.

Have fun with your new project!

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