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Apr 10, 2012

I woke up to a nice surprise this morning.  Elle Decoration Indonesia featured my blog in their new "Online" section, and they sent me a pdf of the page.  How wonderful!  Curious to know what the accompanying text said, I headed straight to Google Translate.  Here's the translation:

small works of Cathy McMurray
illustrates the force of nature
unique and crafty

It's almost like a haiku.  Love it.  

As the saying goes, "all press is good press," but I was telling a friend this morning that a magazine feature is usually more exciting than internet press.  The internet just can't replace the feeling of holding a magazine in your hand.  

However, when you're wanting traffic to convert to sales, digital media trumps print publications.  I learned this first hand as a shopowner.  When one of our products was featured in a magazine like Lucky Magazine, we would maybe get a phone call or two from interested shoppers.  When Design Sponge showcased one of our limited-edition products, we had 5000 hits and sold out within a few hours. 

Our Portland shop was featured in Lucky Magazine a few years ago.  My 8 year-old daughter was so proud of me, she circled my picture and wrote "my mom" above it.
Even though wide exposure may not equate to huge sales, it's an esteem builder.  I don't need accolades every day, but it sure is nice when the world notices my work from time to time.  So, thanks Elle Decoration Indonesia for making my day. 


Sasha said...

Congrats on the article! What a nice surprise for you!

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