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Oct 20, 2014

Some of you may remember that this summer I headed to Vermont for a live art installation at Wanderlust Festival.  During the four days of the yoga festival, I worked on a 14 ft. mandala piece using only seeds, dried fruit, beans, grains, and other natural food ingredients.

The mandala depicted the different stages and elements of a seed's life: roots, sprouts, rain, sun, and flowers. In the photo above, I was forming organic vanilla bean into raindrops.  The mandala was smelling so good!

The installment was part of the Kashi booth at Wanderlust, and the work was captured on film by a New York crew.  For the last couple of hours I thought it'd be fun to get the community involved.  So a number of folks jumped in to help finish the mandala piece, including a few children who had been watching the process from the start. 

After snapping pictures of the finished work, the mandala was dismantled.  The ingredients were then given to a local farmer to use as feed for his animals.

Here's a short video that Kashi put together of the art installment:


Clare said...

I'm blown away by this, it's incredible (and edible, ha!) This must have been very rewarding!

Charissa said...


Cathy said...

Thanks so much, Clare and Charissa! It was a great experience, and I loved working outside on a mountain! So glad the forest critters didn't bother the mandala. Each morning, I feared walking up to the mandala and seeing a family of raccoons doing snow angels in the quinoa.

April, Jennifer, Carol said...

That is very cool. Ha! And I love imagining a family of raccoons making snow angels in the quinoa! (Glad they didn't though! :)

Giovanna - Watering Tots Project said...

Wow, this is incredible! I have followed you for a while, and the diversity in your work is mesmerizing!

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Anonymous said...

Love your art! You are my new favorite artist!

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