Five lovely swaps

Aug 25, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I ran a swap-a-thon on the blog.  In exchange for a handmade or found item, I was offering one of my art prints.  I ended up swapping with five readers, including one from England!  Here's a look at my new goodies.

1.  Recycled felt circle garland by Katie.  Adorns the girls' space perfectly.  Now they're ready to throw a tea party!
2.  Handspun yarn (merino wool and tencel) by flyhoof.  Absolutely beautiful. I love the mix of colors, and it's so soft. 
3. Handmade dish towels by Annmarie.  Not only did Annmarie sew the towels, but she made her own stamps to use in the design.  Love it!
4.  Handmade gift card holder by Charissa.  Brilliant idea!  And it's so cute, I don't know if I want to gift it to someone. 
5.  Vintage Austrian napkin holders from Richelle.  Couldn't resist these in Richelle's Etsy shop.  The designs are so sweet, and they look great on my red dining room table.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!  I had such a blast with the swap-a-thon, I'm actually thinking of making it a biannual event.  I've penciled in early February for the next one!


gretchenmist said...

it's a great idea ~ you've got some lovely items here :)
thanks for the photography talk offer ~ if i can get a grip on the terminology/explanation of exactly what i'm trying to do, i might be up for a chat!

annekata said...

What an wonderful idea. A Swap-a-thon. Everything you got is beautiful. I'll wait for the next one!

Charissa said...

Yay for swapping! I am thrilled to own one of your lovely prints and am thinking about where to hang it. Hoping to find the right-sized frame at a thrift shop or yard sale before the summer ends.

flyhoof said...

This was such a great idea! I'm really excited that my yarn went all the way to America and I love the print you sent me! :)

Anonymous said...

So fun to see all that you received! Enjoy your treasures!

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