Modern rugs felted with tradition in mind

Aug 11, 2010

I first discovered Peace Industry's felt rug collection three years ago when shopping for rugs for my store.  It was love at first sight.  The rugs are designed by owner Melina Raissnia, who studied painting.  Each rug is exquisite in design and craftsmanship.  I was fortunate enough to visit Melina's shop in San Francisco a couple of years ago and admire her collection up-close.

Each rug is handmade in a fair-trade workshop in Iran owned by Melina and her husband, Dodd Raissnia.  Using the oldest rug tradition from Iran, layers of wool are pressed together, creating a very dense and durable rug.  And only biodegradable vegetable dyes are used in the process, so Peace Industry's rugs are chemical-free. 

[image sources: Peace Industry]

Sadly, with the latest sanctions against Iran, Peace Industry may have to close their doors.  By the end of September, Peace Industry will no longer be able to import rugs from Iran.  Their shipment in middle of September may very well be their last.  For the latest news and to learn how you can show your support, go to Peace Industry's blog here.


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