My recent drawings and sewing project

Aug 14, 2010

At the end of each week, I feature on my blog my latest work, which usually ends up in my Etsy shop.  This week, I don't have a particular piece to showcase, even though I have a pile of drawings on my desk.  For one reason or another, these drawings haven't gotten the stamp of approval yet.  Some seem unfinished to me (like the above piece on the left), and others I'm not totally convinced I would want to add to my Etsy shop (like the one on the right).

Here's a closer look at the pile of recent drawings on my desk:

A couple of these pieces I might edit and mount on birch panels.  You can see that I already cut out one image.  Now I just need to wait for a wave of inspiration!

Yesterday, I was inspired to sew something.  I wanted to salvage a pair of old white jeans and a cute nightie that was made from vintage sheets.  But, instead of mending the items or altering them into other wearable fashions, I decided to use the materials to make a laptop bag!  Here's how it turned out:

On Monday, I'll post more pictures and instructions.  Monday is also the last day of the swap-a-thon.  There's still a chance to win a swap, so make sure you post your comment by Sunday.  Again, I'm open to swapping my art for anything handmade or found.


Chrissy Foreman C said...

Ooh ... YUM!!!
I simply adore your work ~ so, so so fantastic X infinity!

I really really love the waterfall one at the top right ... and I reckon the top left pic would look fantastic with a small dose of nave oy blue, cause the natural colours and blues seem to feature a lot in your work so beautifully.

I'm so glad I'm a subscriber so I can see your new work so regularly :)

Chrissy x

Anonymous said...

Cathy, I'm seriously loving all your pieces. Like Chrissy, I LOVE the waterfall. Why wouldn't you want to put it in your etsy? Too near and dear to your heart? Because it's a winner!

Your piece on the right is lovely. Again, I'd have to agree with Chrissy. The blues seem to be a signature of yours.

The second picture down with the pink flowers. Oh my!

moodymama said...

I freaking love the waterfall piece. KD- wanna arm wrestle me for it? JK. I would win, though. xxoo.

Galit said...

I could only agree with the above comments.
*Love* your art and all of your last works are fantastic.
But the laptop bag... jaw-dropping. I'm simply jealous!! So whimsy and wonderful!

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