Habit of Art calendar coming soon

Dec 1, 2010

I've been tossing around the idea of making a calendar for the past two months- really, ever since other artists have been talking about it.  I thought I gave up on the idea until 10p last night, when I got a sudden burst of inspiration.  In the past year, I've made a few pocketbook galleries, and I thought, why not make a pocket calendar!  I also have been wanting to put together a collection of my favorite Habit of Art photographs in 2010, and I thought a calendar would be perfect for this.

I love it when the creative process goes smoothly, almost effortless.   A true gift when a time crunch is involved.  When I printed and trimmed the little pages,  I was expecting something to be mis-sized or upside-down, but everything went together perfectly.

Today, my plan is to work on a cover and to stitch the calendar on the fold (the sample one shown above is stapled).  I'm also going to play around with adding some basic drawing patterns in the background.  My goal is to have a batch of calendars finished by this weekend and up in my Etsy shop on Monday .  .  .  and I think a giveaway is in order (wink, wink).


resolute twig said...

the new calendar is lovely, cant wait to see the final product!

Lauren Montanaro Norster said...


Michelle Kniss said...

So excited! I want one. Was going to order a different one from Etsy, but would much rather have one from you.

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