Swap-a-thon is back!

Feb 7, 2011

Swap-a-thon Winners!
Friday, Feb. 11- Jennifer Allison
Saturday, Feb. 12- moodymama
Sunday, Feb. 13 - Kate
Monday, Feb. 14 - Couve Illustrations
Tuesday, Feb. 15- Richelle

The swap-a-thon in August was so much fun, I thought it was time to run Swap-a-thon II.  The idea behind the swap-a-thon is quite simple.  I'll swap my art for any handmade, vintage, or found object you have.  To enter the swap-a-thon, all you have to do is leave a comment below listing the item(s) you would exchange for my art.  The value of the trade should be no more than $20. 

This Friday at noon (PST), I'll randomly choose a winner who will in turn choose the next swap (i.e winner).  By the end of the swap-a-thon, there will be a total of five winners.  Swap-a-thon winners will be able to choose any item in my Etsy shop valued up to $20 or choose to have a $20 credit towards an artwork. 

A few things to keep in mind:
1. When you leave a comment, make sure your name is linked to an email address.  Otherwise, keep checking back to see if your name was picked. 

2.  If you are a winner, but don't get back to me within 24 hours with your choice for my next swap, I will go ahead and randomly choose the next winner.

3.  I am willing to mail art to anywhere in the world if you are willing to pay for postage to Portland, Oregon.

4.  All swaps will be featured in a follow-up post.  See swaps from the last event here.  

Let the swapping begin!


styleforlife said...

Hi darlin- As you know, I ADORE your art and have an original in my bedroom. I would totally swamp with you.

How about a purse:


a turquoise bracelet:

Let me know....XXX Emily from EL Vintage

Jennifer Allison said...

oh boy am i a girl who loves a swap and THIS is a HUMDINGER!!!

how about $20 worth of handmade paper? any combo you find in my shop. :)


kate. said...

Such a fun idea! I didn't follow your blog yet in August. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

How about an adorable recycled wool plush bird?

Or, any of my other wee stuffies?

kate (at) thechicchickadee (dot) com

Couve Illustrations said...

Hi Cathy!

Love the idea!

here's what I would like to swap:

moodymama said...

i would swap:
::a jar of homemade marmalade
(the best you ever tasted. ask k.d.)
::two tubes of homemade lip balm.
vanilla or peppermint
::a knit owl pin or hair clip


sarah jean, said...

what to offer?! what to offer!?

jar of homemade pesto (frozen, i made this past summer, i think it would ship okay?) and/or (if that doesn't ship well) a set of 4 cloth picnic napkins.

Richelle said...

Cathy, you're the BEST.

I know you will LOVE this, and nevermind the price tag:

i have two...one in my shop...and one that i am keeping especially for you.

OR if you prefer, you can just pick out something else from my shop value up to $20.

(sorry for the awful pics, i'm still trying to figure my camera out).

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