Swaps 2011

Mar 7, 2011

from the latest swapathon . . . 

lovely handmade paper from Jennifer Allison
yummy jam,  homemade lip balm, and a cute owl hairpin from moodymama
adorable recycled wool elephant made by Kate of The Chic Chickadee
a boy on a rainy day print by Couve Illustrations
vintage glass bird vessel from Richelle of Modfolk Vintage

:: thanks everyone for such wonderful and thoughtful trades ::


Jennifer Allison said...

this was a kick and i had ever so much fun! love my painting and hope you have fun with the paper.


richelle said...

Cathy, thanks again for your swap-a-thon! I don't have a blog, so I'm probably going to post your print on my modfolk facebook page as soon as I get it framed! My friend just picked up a frame for me at Ikea that fits the print perfectly! Please send a pic to me when you decide what to do with the bird. I love your creative ways of using/painting household and nature objects in your own distinct style! I know you'll do something cool with it!

Marjorie Rose said...

Oh too bad I missed out on this. It sounds like you had a great trade!

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